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Kamiki Whiksy

Whisky From the Japanese City of Temples

A highly secretive blend of rare Japanese malt whiskies, pure Japanese spring water and the finest malt whiskies from the rest of the world, Kamiki Whisky stakes a claim to be the first whisky in the world finished in Yoshino-Sugi wood, also known as Japanese cedar.

Unique Second Maturation

Yoshino Sugi is considered to be the best wood for making local drink casks because of its scented refreshing flavour and wooden aroma. The Kamiki blend is rested for a second time in Yoshino Sugi casks to capture a perfectly smooth taste, a scent of sandalwood on the nose and a zest of green tea in the finish. This second maturation makes Kamiki whisky unique.

The exquisitely-scented Japanese cedar wood is largely used to build temples and shrines, as it’s thought to calm the mind and body. An ancient Japanese cedar can be found within the grounds of the Ōmiwa Shrine, one of Japan’s oldest temples located beneath the revered Mount Miwa. The Ōmiwa Shrine is dedicated to the protection of alcohol producers, and the priests are said to have blessed Kamiki.

Inspired by beautiful breezes coming from the Mountain of the God, Kaimiki named their whisky from “KAMI” which means “GOD” and “IKI” which means “BREATH”.

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Kamiki Japanese Whisky
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