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Your Earth Day Tasting Box

Your Earth Day Tasting Box

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 *Limited to 40 sets



In honour of Earth Day this April, we’re spotlighting brands with sustainability as a core business tenant. Using the ingredients in this box, you can make three mini cocktails. Plus, get a small beer, eco-friendly straws, and a snack to munch on. It’s perfect for a fun night in!

In fact, we're making a night of it!

Join us on Earth Day, 22 April, for a live Zoom Tasting event. Learn how to make three delicious mini cocktails while chatting with Brand Ambassadors from Discarded Spirits, FAIR, and Binary Botanical. Find out why sustainability is core to their business.

Key features: 

    Makes 3 mini cocktails

    Simply D&T
    Discarded Banana Mule
    FAIR Espresso Martini


    Discarded Cascara Vermouth, 50mlDiscarded Banana Peel Rum, 50ml
    Discarded Cascara Vermouth

    Sweet vermouth made with cascara, the discarded fruit of the coffee berry. Deep red colour with rich, fruity flavour perfect for pairing with classic, complex bitter flavours.

    Fruity, sweet rum that infuses banana peel to create rich, toffee notes with a fruity balance. Made with the discarded fruit used to mature whisky casks.

    FAIR Quinoa Vodka, 50mlFAIR Café Liqueur, 50ml
    The only vodka made with quinoa. Extremely smooth, a little fruity with a note of vanilla. Slight peppery notes at the back offer a lovely length and buttery mouth feel. Becomes slightly nutty over ice.A true taste of freshly roasted coffee, with full bodied and rich flavors of almonds and hazelnuts followed by the pleasant taste of caramel. Makes the best expresso martini but can also be enjoyed on its own. 


     Binary Botanical Beer, 250mlCrisp Tonic Water, 150mlGinger Ale, 150ml
    Made with organic hops. Offers the refreshment of beer with a tangy wine and cider taste. Half the calories and alcohol of wine, sugar-free, vegan.Premium mixer, perfectly refined. Balances crisp bitterness with enjoyable effervescence. All natural flavours. No preservatives. Soft, clean, refreshing serve packs the right level of kick, courtesy of a hint of ginger.


    Stroodles Pasta Straws, x1 Smoked Chili Plant Pops, x1
    Get 1 pack of 4 biodegradable straw made from wheat and water.  Flavourless, vegan, durable, and fun. Lasts for an hour in cold liquids.A smoky, spicy taste sensation with a dash of heat and makes the perfect pick-me-up! Made from lotus seeds, an exciting alternative to popcorn & crisps. 50% less fat than crisps. Less than 98 calories per bag.




    Join our Zoom Tasting event

    Mix and taste 3 mini cocktails with us while chatting about sustainable spirits


    Join Damien Egan, Founder of Your Drink Box
    Thursday 22 April 2021, 6pm – 7:30pm BST

    Plus, special guests:

    Paul Bungener, FAIR Sales Director


    Calum Fraser, Discarded Spirits Brand Ambassador


    At this event you’ll learn:

    • How to make a Simply D&T, a Banana Mule, and an Espresso Martini.
    • How Binary Botanicals became the wine-lovers beer.
    • Why Discarded Spirits use “waste” materials from fruits to create a sweet vermouth and banana rum.
    • How FAIR Drinks became the leading fair-trade liquor brand and why their vodka is made like a whisky.




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