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Nona June


You shouldn't have to compromise flavour or experience when looking for a non-alcoholic alternative spirit. That’s why NONA Drinks was developed. Their new product is 'NONA June', a non-alcoholic gin alternative. It is one of the first alcohol-free spirits in the world created by distilling a special blend of naturally-sourced ingredients to bring out the delicate juniper, botanical, and citrus flavours you expect in a gin. Finally, you can enjoy hangover-free cocktails that are not overly sweet!


The NONA Drinks Story

Charlotte, founder of NONA Drinks, was raised near the vibrant city of Ghent, Belgium--close to the Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve. In her youth, she spent time discovering nature with friends and enjoyed making tea from the herbs found in the charming fields. Fast-forward to today. Her love for nature combined with an interest in product development led her to pursue academic studies in bio-science engineering with a major in food technology. On a Friday night following an intense week at work, Charlotte was catching up with friends at a bar. She was seeking a non-alcoholic alternative for the cocktails she’d always loved. After asking the bartender, a much too sweet drink was served. Not quite the drink she expected. The idea of making a premium non-alcoholic spirit was born.

Meet NONA June

'NONA June' is a non-alcoholic gin alternative that tastes of the juniper flavours you expect from a traditional gin spirit. Distilled to highlight natural botanical, herbal and citrus notes, NONA June offers a perfectly balanced palate to mix your favourite alcohol-free drinks. A complex distillation process sets apart NONA June from the rest, providing the essence of this gentle drink. Acclaimed chefs, bartenders and gin enthusiasts all agree NONA June is the best choice for alcohol-free gin drinks. Where the name comes from: 'NONA' means 9 in Latin, and refers to the nine individually distilled botanicals found inside this spirit. While 'June', refers to juniper berry, the main component of gin.