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Bomb Squad - Drink Bombs for Kids



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All natural hand-crafted sugary-drink alternatives for Kids!

Comes in a array of flavours and perfect to make unique drinks for your kids.

Just add to any sparkling water and enjoy!

Sour Bomb

Just thinking about this one will make your mouth water. This amazing recipe definitely hits a sour note in the best way. With one taste, you’ll be hooked!

Bubble Gum

Chew on this childhood classic as we give you the same flavour you’ve known and loved all these years. For the kids, add it to some sparkling water for some fizzle and fun! Everyone loves this timeless treat! 

Cherry Cola Bomb

Bursting with the bold taste of cherry this bomb recreates the classic taste of old-fashioned soda fountains. 

Pink Lemonade Bomb

Always a hit, fresh and sweet, this is truly for everyone.

Cherry Bomb
Sour Apple
Bubble Gum
Pink Lemonade
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Bomb Squad - Drink Bombs for Kids

Bomb Squad - Drink Bombs for Kids