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Old Fashioned Bitters



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From Dashfire’s 'Speciality Bitters' range, we bring you this unique bitters recipe that adds balanced specialist flavour to any cocktail.

Whether you're muddling an orange or just adding bitters to your whisky, this cold weather bitter will round out your cocktails and drinks. This recipe honours the traditional 'Old Fashioned' and its many spirited versions.

A few drops create an overall warming essence. This aromatic bitters recipe is a must-add to your cocktails bitters library. Experiment with this bitters! You're only limited by your own creativity....

Pairs With

  • Old Fashioned
  • Manhattan
  • Sazerac
  • Pisco Sour


Flavour Profile

Warm notes of orange rind, cinnamon, allspice, and clove.


Add a few drops to your drink. Use alone or mix and match the way a chef uses herbs and spices. 

Great Taste Award Winner 2020

"Orange and clove mix pleasingly on the nose. When mixed with whisky, the woody notes of the bitters are enhanced as is the caramel/ vanilla complexity in the whisky. The bitters have a good impact on the whisky; the product fits its purpose very well."

"Rich and complex on the nose, orange and clove dominating...with a woody, smokey, clove-noted element dominant....A sound, carefully crafted addition to a bartender's arsenal - good, too, for the home cocktail cabinet....Called for to mix that perfect Old Fashioned!"

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Hand-Crafted, Small Batch Production

Handcrafted in small batches in St. Paul, Minnesota, Dashfire Bitters use natural, premium ingredients sourced from the owner's global travel. Each 100ml glass bottle is equipped with a full-length, dropper-style pipette for precise dispensing. Enjoy bartender-friendly volumetric inventory control (1 dash = approximately 10 ml).

About Dashfire Bitters

Dashfire’s mission is to create hand-crafted blends for everyone who appreciates quality cocktails--from professional bartenders to amateurs experimenting at home with friends and family. Developed for creative cocktail and culinary minds. Dashfire bitters blend well together, offering a full palette of masterful flavour you can blend and combine to make your own concoctions. Immediately enhance your cocktails while inspiring classic drinks of days gone by.

Old Fashioned Bitters

Old Fashioned Bitters