Sal De Gusano by Gran Milta (Agave Worm Salt, 100% Chinicuil) 50g jar – Your Drink Box
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Sal De Gusano (Agave Worm Salt) - 50 gram jar



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This traditional Oaxacan spice is made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms and chile costeño. But, don't be scared because we said worms! When ground with salt and dried chiles, the worms lend an earthy, umami-rich flavour to the salt that illuminates the wide spectrum of mezcal varietals, eaten in pinches, or sprinkled onto fruit to awaken and reset the palate.

This Sal de Gusano comes from a three-generation old Gran Mitla family recipe and enhances any Mezcal, Tequila, or Michelada you pair it with. 

  • Great savoury flavour accompanies cocktails and drinks
  • Add to fruits and salads, or in signature Mexican dishes
  • Made in Oaxaca, Mexico

Ingredients: sea salt, chile costeño, toasted and ground agave worm (100% chinicuil)

    Enjoy the flavours of Mexico in your drinks or food from anywhere in the world.

    Gran Milta was born in 2012 in Mexico, a country full of natural beauties, wonders, bright colours and unique flavours. The special salt comes from a family recipe passed down from generation to generation and involves everything Mexico is about: history, nature and pride.

    That's right, the best-kept secret is a pre-Hispanic recipe that involved MAGUEY WORMS, SEA SALT AND SELECTED DRY CHILES from the Oaxacan soil; all of them slowly roasted, ground and mixed to make a great product.

    Tradition has it that Mezcal can only be taken with a few orange segments and sprinkled with worm salt. Since Mexico is the place where Mezcal was born, we wanted to teach the world the correct way to taste it. So GRAN MITLA was born that way. Producing the best worm salt the world has ever tasted, using exactly the same recipe their grandmother inherited across several generations from a small town called Gran Mitla in Oaxaca. The Gran Milta family are proud to show the world what Mexico is all about.

    Sal De Gusano (Agave Worm Salt) - 50 gram jar

    Sal De Gusano (Agave Worm Salt) - 50 gram jar