World Gin Day!

World Gin Day is a one day international celebration of all things gin. The event was started way back in 2009 by the wonderful Emma Stokes, otherwise known as the Gin Monkey. One of the earliest gin bloggers on the scene, she is very much an expert in her field with an astute knowledge of history, processes, profiles and serves. If you're into gin, it's well worth giving her social media a follow and checking out her site. She knows what's 'in with gin'.

Last year was particularly challenging with the rise of Covid which ironically brought the global community together whilst segregating it via lockdowns. Emma overcame this brilliantly, orchestrating a video called ‘A Global Cheers’ where distilleries around the world passed drinks through scenes to each other whilst talking about their distilleries and their gins.

This year, the event falls on Saturday 12th June, that's tomorrow! You can head over to the World Gin Day site in order to see the listing of virtual and in person events ranging from locations such as Russia, Australia and the US, as well as here in the UK. I’d recommend heading there early to plan your day, you don’t want to miss out.

There are a whole host of things you can do to enjoy the day and participate. Here are a few ideas:

  • Set up a pop up gin bar in the garden and have some friends over.
  • Organise a viewing party for friends to watch some of the online events together.
  • Learn a new gin related cocktail.
  • Arrange a masterclass session where each person brings a bottle of their favourite to tell the group about it, and make drinks of course.
  • Try cooking with gin, there are some great recipes out there.
  • Organise a blind tasting to see if people can guess the gin.

Whatever fun and frolics you get up to, be sure to share them to your social media including the hashtag #WorldGinDay. And be sure to check out what other people are up to as well, it really is an action packed day and people spend months prepping their material.

Of course, a celebration like this could leave your gin supplies lacking. Well, we do have gin and gin related things here at Your Drink Box, you know. So if you wanted to treat yourself to a little something for World Gin Day, check out our site. We have a handpicked collection of wonderful gins to choose from, like Sir Edmond Gin with a bold vanilla profile, or Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin with delicate notes of raspberry, dragon fruit and lychee. And, right now we've got Griffo Chardonnay Barrel Aged American Gin on a flash sale. We love something a little special. Check out all our gins here.

And, we also have some fab giftware such as pins by Love & Victory and gin and tonic gummies. 

Looking for ideas for drinks? Fancy trying something a bit different? Another thing worth checking out is our recipe directory. Created by Damien himself, there are some fantastic recipe suggestions in there. So, if you’re looking for ideas for gin cocktails then head on over, get browsing and I bet you'll find something you want to try before long.

Happy World Gin Day one and all!

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