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Julep Cocktail Strainer

PRODUCT TYPE: Cocktail Strainer


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There are some things in the world of food and drink that divide people's opinions, and lumps is one of them; some people like lumps in their mashed potato, some people like it creamy; some like crunchy peanut butter, some like it smooth! But when it comes to cocktails, it's common knowledge that having big chunks of ice floating around isn't ideal!

For use with a Boston style shaker, this Julep design strainer acts as the perfect catcher of larger pieces of ice, and any garnishes that have been mixed into your cocktail. With a concave bowl and multiple perforated holes, the Julep Cocktail Strainer is an essential cocktail tool that no bar should be without!
Product Features:
• Perforated concave cocktail strainer
• Stops ice or fruit chunks pouring into your glass
• Material: Stainless steel
• Polished finish
• Durable construction
• Lightweight
• Fits standard Professional Boston Tin or Glass
• Ideal for creating professional quality cocktails
• Hand wash only

• Width: 80mm
• Length: 160mm
• Depth: 16mm
• Weight: 45g

Julep Cocktail Strainer

Julep Cocktail Strainer