NONA Spritz - Alcohol Free Cocktail

Crave a break from alcohol, but still want to enjoy a cocktail? Our ‘NONA Spritz’ is the perfect solution. This easy recipe uses just 3 ingredients and is so simple anyone can make it! Use ‘NONA June’ as a swap for traditional gin to create an alcohol free version of a cocktail classic!

NONA June has bright citrus flavours followed by herbal notes and offers a perfectly balanced palate. For the perfect serve add equal parts ‘Spritz Syrup’ from 3/4 oz. Tonic for an ideal no alcohol alternative to Italian-style aperitif bitters. Enjoy subtle flavours of bitter orange and an acidic finish. Top with a splash of soda and serve over ice. Cheers!


25 ml (0.75 oz.) NONA June non-alcoholic spirit
25 ml (0.75 oz.) Spritz Syrup from 3/4 oz. Tonic
Splash of soda water


Build over ice. Stir and serve in small wine glass. Garnish with grapefruit or leave naked. Enjoy!


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