5 Unique Gifts For The Cocktail Lover

And here we are! Our fourth and final gift guide to help you get started on the Christmas shopping. Today we're looking at 4 unique gifts for the cocktail lover.

Cocktails are just THE best! There are so many in the world and each and every one has countless variations! They are our favourite spirits journey through time, in all their different guises. We love cocktail lovers and believe they deserve great gifts at Christmas, so why not take a browse through this selection and find a that something special for that someone special.

Experimental Cocktail Club Book - £12.99

What better gift than to serve up a cool glass of inspiration to your cocktail lover?

Treat your cocktail connoisseur’s taste buds to this collection of very special cocktail recipes that take inspiration from classic American and French cocktails - served with the unmistakable Experimental Cocktail Club flair and style. Recipes include Stockholm Syndrome (Ketel 1 vodka infused with cumin & dill, Linie aquavit, lemon juice, simple syrup, pink Himalayan salt and Peychauds bitters) and Tete de Mule (or 'Kind of Stubborn', a salty cocktail containing Don Fulano Blanco, orange juice, tomato juice, agave syrup and topped with ginger beer) - as well as their take on classic cocktails such as Negroni, Margarita, Moscow Mule and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Over 85 recipes for extraordinary cocktails from the award-winning, internationally renowned Experimental Cocktail Club, in a book that is described by the Wall Street Journal as "With drinks both inventive and undaunting, this book should easily earn a spot on the most-accessible shelf at home."

So, if you know someone who loves fixing a drink, feed into their passion with book, which is sure to inspire.

Leopard Cocktail Picks - £18.99

Any cocktail lover can be a cocktail maker. And for those who like that extra special touch, they want a bit more than a simple cocktail stick for their garnish. Jazz up simple drinks as easy as sticking an olive...or curl of lemon...whatever floats your boat.

Leopard swizzlers gussy up your drinks. From the infamous Love and Victory in Brooklyn, NY, we bring you an alluring set of cocktail picks adorned with elegantly leaping leopards.

The set includes four gold-tone picks with coloured enamel finish, packaged in our custom printed box. Beautiful and reusable so you can do your bit with each sip.

A perfect gift for any cocktail lovers and aspiring bartenders in your life!

Cocktail picks--or garnish picks--are a vital accessory to the final presentation of any cocktail. They are ideal for spearing fruits such as limes, lemons, cherries or any other garnish that makes your cocktail a signature one.

Cocktail Recipe Card Deck - £9.99

Snap! Oh yes! Have your fun and learn new cocktails at the same time with this funky playing card set that incorporates recipes.

From the infamous Love and Victory in Brooklyn, NY, we bring you a collection of fifty-two classic recipes—in the form of a deck of cards. Get the upper hand with this cocktail deck and shuffle your way to learning new recipes. 

Play the cardinal "suits" of mixing spirits: Gin, Rum, Tequila, and Whisky. Novice bartenders and cocktail experts alike will delight in these selected classic and rarer favourites. Easily find cocktail inspiration for your next party, BBQ, or event having already secured some sterling entertainment. 

Makes a perfect gift for the drinks enthusiast in your life. Fun AND educational. Designed in Brooklyn, made in the USA.

Manhatten Mini Cocktail Shaker 10oz (280ml) - £6.99

Is that a shaker in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

Don't just leave the cocktail making to the professionals, start shaking things up at home with the Manhattan Mini Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff. At 10oz, this mini shaker is smaller than a standard cocktail shaker, making it perfect for individual cocktails. Complete with a built-in strainer, this cobbler shaker is ideal for both beginners and keen cocktail makers alike. Super handy for recipe development too. 

Cocktail Critters Pins - £8.50 - £10.00

Lapel pins are in! And these little guys aren’t just a pretty picture. Animals teamed with cocktails makes for a cute and loveable gift for your nearest and dearest. We have an enormous selection, everything ranging from your foxy negroni, to your deer old fashioned, your dragon martini to your narwhal paloma. 

And don’t get me started, lapel pins are super collectable, and this range is no exception. So get the party started for your loved one and set them on a collecting adventure!

So, there we have it! Four gift guides to get you start on your Christmas shopping! We hope you've found a little inspiration here. We'll be resharing these guides here and there throughout December, as well as links to gift sections on our site that are cater for the different drinks fans in your life. If you're a drinks fan yourself, then do get sharing these, and you might find something underneath your Christmas tree.

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