5 Unique Gifts For The Whisky Lover

And here we are on day three and our third gift guide! So far we've looked at secret santa and stocking fillers, and gifts for the gin lover. And, today we are focusing on gifts for the whisky lover.

Whisky makes your frisky! Or at least, it certainly makes us happy! We can say that, right? Whisky is one of those drinks with a real cult status, and should you know someone who is partial to a dram, you’ll know that something dram related is one of the best things you can get them for Christmas. So, let’s take a little look through some of our offerings to help make your dram fan your best friend.

Whisky Enamel Cufflinks - £24.00

Let’s start with something rather smart. These gorgeous cufflinks are sure to delight. Such style!

From the infamous Love and Victory in Brooklyn, NY, we bring you enamel cufflinks to celebrate your loved ones favourite drink…whisky! Classy metallic cufflinks shaped like a glass of whisky on ice (yes, some people put ice in whisky). If you’re frisky for whisky then these stylish cufflinks are just the thing to tell the world with class. High quality, bright colours and let's be honest, they're very, very cool.

Packaged in our custom printed pouch.

Glass Whisky Bauble - £6.99

When it comes to Christmas you can’t beat a good ‘ol bauble. But this bauble goes one better, because it’s a bauble filled with whisky! Just like candy canes or chocolates, you can hang this on the Christmas tree and know you can treat yourself to that tipple whenever you fancy...can you last until the big day?

Ideal for a whisky lover who likes to show off their favourite whisky. Angel's Share have created the individual Christmas whisky filled bauble, perfect for all and every occasion, especially for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Branded with the Distillery Logo and filled with 50ml of blended whisky selected by Angel's Share. The baubles are all hand blown and have ribbon to hang. They are 55mm diameter and hey, what's to stop you from refilling it for next year?

Women With Whisky Love & Victory Pin - £10.00

Let’s hear it for the ladies! Oh yes! Women can drink whisky! And, if you know a lass who is bang into her whisky then what better a gift than this? This brooch is am absolute beauty with the black and gold and popping red nails.

From the infamous Love and Victory in Brooklyn, NY, we bring you a tiny enamel pin of a woman's hand drinking... whisky! Whisky woman, wear your badge with pride! And with it you can show your love of saying 'cheers' in any language! 

Whisky Water Dropper - £30.00

Now, this one is something a little special. It's not only gorgeous, but it's engaging. Your whisky lover will get hours of enjoyment discovering the difference that dilution makes to their spirit. They may well already dilute their spirit, but this dropper allows them to do it with complete precision. It's a fascinating process that develops a deep understanding of the spirit from the way it opens up when diluted. All sorts of intricacies are waiting to be found.

Creators of the ORIGINAL Glass Whisky Water Dropper / Pipette - designed and manufactured by Angels' Share Glass in Scotland. 

The handcrafted whisky diluting dropper allows finer control releasing one drop of water at a time. This handmade glass dropper or pipette is approximately 200mm in length and is presented in a luxurious velvet-lined box perfect for safe travel.

Choose from a Whisky Pot Still, an Angel or a Scottish Thistle top on the dropper. Instructions on how to use and our online video help you perfect your dropper technique.

Splash of Whisky A3 Art Posters - £9.99

Ah, the gift of art. Art is a fantastic gift to receive but can come with a bit of a price tag, much like a good whisky! 

Splash of Blantons' anyone? Or, a Pappy? How about Makers Mark? Or Whistle Pig? Inspired by the famous brand - a 'unicorn' in the bourbon world, these brands could set you back a fair few quid. This gorgeous print has to be a next best thing though, surely?

This is A3 print has been printed on 250gsm recycled paper at 300dpi and it comes completely borderless to ensure an exact fit.

All our prints are eco-friendly, using environmentally certified and recycled papers from sustainable sources. We use superior quality vegetable-based inks and recycle all waste products.

Do place your orders before 21st December to ensure Christmas delivery.

Ho ho ho! Third guide down! Keep your eyes peeled for our fourth and final gift guide, coming soon.

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