5 Unique Gifts For The Gin Lover

Well hello there, and welcome to the second instalment of our Christmas guides. Today we are looking at 5 unique gifts for gin lovers. Chin chin!

Do you have a juniper freak in your life? And are you, perhaps, looking for the perfect gift for them this Christmas? Well, don’t you worry, at YDB, we specialise in unusual, boozy related bits for your loved one. Check out these ginny offerings, everything from decorations, to gummy sweets, to gin itself.

Glass Gin Bauble

Cute, round, and decorative. It has to be a bauble, right? But this bauble is a little different, and a little special! It’s a bauble filled with gin! Hang it on your tree and watch it sparkle in the fairy lights, knowing at any point, you could just snatch it off and have a tipple. Adult candy canes for the win!

Following the huge success of their Whisky Baubles, Angel's Share have created the individual gin filled bauble, perfect for every occasion, especially for hanging on the tree or drinks cabinet. Have fun with your friends and gift them a measure!

Filled with 50ml of Artisan Scottish Gin. These hand-blown clear glass baubles are packaged in a luxury box complete with a ribbon for easy hanging on your tree.

Gin and Tonic Lapel Pin - £10.00


Lapel Pins are a great gift. They ooze character and class and never fail to raise a smile.

From the infamous Love and Victory in Brooklyn, NY, we bring you a tiny enamel pin to celebrate your favourite drink — a Gin & Tonic! Classy two part metallic pin, one part a bottle of mixer with tiny chain link pour into the second part of a glass. If you’re on it for Gin & Tonics then this adorable lapel pin is just the thing to tell the world with it’s special two part style. High quality, bright colours and very, very cool.

Love and Victory have an amazing range. All sorts of tipples are celebrated in these gorgeous enamel pins...but this one is a stand out design for being a two parter, and for celebrating one of the best drinks in the world, well, to us gin drinkers anyway.

Decorate your favourite jacket, bag and other clothing. This also makes a super sweet gift to present to your gin & tonic loving friends and family.

Windspeil Premium Sloe Gin Mini - £4.99


Winter means sloe gin. There is nothing better than the delicious, comforting spice of a good sloe gin. And, warm sloe gin is even better. So, maybe you want to give the gift of a hug in a mug?

The finest hand-picked sloes from the 'Eifel' in Germany give Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin its special character. Macerated in Windspiel Premium Dry Gin with the addition of natural sloe juice, the result is a Sloe Gin with an intense juniper character enhanced by aromatic sloe flavour and perfected with floral citrus notes. The distinctive and delicately mild flavours of the potato alcohol complement this special gin. This will be your ideal sundowner.

Windspiel, which means "greyhound" in German, is committed to sustainable production. There are no industrial machines, everything is controlled, processed and filled by hand. Their potatoes are grown and cared for on their own farm in the Vulkaneifel.

So go on, treat your loved one to a tipple.

Ginspiration: Infusions, Cocktails - £7.99

The perfect treat for your gin obsessed loved one.

Bring the bar to you and create the best gin cocktails and the very best flavour infusions from home.

Ginspiration is your guide to the UK's favourite spirit. Reinvent classic cocktails like the Martini and Gin Fizz, and discover spectacular recipes from the mind of award-winning mixology maestro Klaus Rainer. Whet your appetite with tasting notes on 45 of the world's best craft gins, each one accompanied by the story behind the distilleries and distillers, guaranteed to make you want to try them all.

Perfect for gin aficionados and aspiring mixologists alike, Ginspiration is the only book you'll need to get your ima-gin-ation going and drinks flowing!

Gin and Tonic Gummies - £2.99

This is a great little gift for work dos, stockings, or just a little something extra. Maybe you want to put a little treat in a card for someone. Wherever you send these guys they are sure so to please!

Pop one of these on your tongue to be whisked away from the dark depths of winter to an English garden party. All the candies in our exclusive cocktail confectionery range are made with natural colours and flavours, and never contain palm oil.


Glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine, citric acid, pectin, natural flavouring, natural colour (caramel sugar syrup), vegetable oils (coconut oil), beeswax, carnauba wax.

*All our cocktail gummies and candy floss use alcohol but during the manufacturing process its completely burnt out but still keeps the amazing flavour.

All gifts need to be ordered before 21st December to ensure delivery.

Keep your eyes open! Instalment three coming very soon!

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