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Windspiel Barrel-Aged Premium Vodka - Mini 5cl (42% ABV)



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Only starchy 'Pirol' potatoes are used for Windspiel Barrel-Aged Potato Vodka. Triple distilled, with mild and pure potato flavour. After producing base alcohol of a very special quality, our master distiller uses his special technique to create a particularly mild alcohol in triple distillation without losing the characteristic potato flavour. A final distillation ensures that the resulting alcohol is mild and pure.

Windspiel Vodka is stored in ash barrels for a few months, so it acquires a characteristic flavour – delicate hints of caramel join the fine aromas of the potato alcohol. pure pleasure on the rocks.

  • Pure pleasure on the rocks.
  • Flavour: Delicate hints of caramel with aromas of potato.
  • 42% alcohol by volume.
  • 0.05 Litre glass miniature bottle for easy taste testing.


Windspiel, which means "greyhound" in German, is committed to sustainable production. There are no industrial machines, everything is controlled, processed and filled by hand. Their potatoes are grown and cared for on their own farm in the Vulkaneifel.

The name wind chime was deliberately chosen because it goes back to Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, who was very passionate about greyhound dogs. Frederick also brought potatoes to Germany and wanted to help his subjects cultivate these special tubers so as to avoid future famines. So the company felt it was only right that the gin should play some sort of tribute to him.

In order to elicit their taste from the potatoes harvested in autumn, they are first cleaned and freed from the fertile volcanic earth. After subsequent quality control, the potatoes are shredded and water is added. The potato mash is heated to break up the starch contained in the potatoes. Yeast is added after cooling which converts the sugar into alcohol and CO2. After a few days, the mash is fermented and the "potato beer" can be distilled. Windspiel make a total of three distillation runs for a refined and tasty finished product.

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Windspiel Barrel-Aged Premium Vodka - Mini 5cl (42% ABV)

Windspiel Barrel-Aged Premium Vodka - Mini 5cl (42% ABV)