Star Winners from the Great Taste Awards 2020

We are excited to announce three of our products won 1-star awards at The Great Taste Awards 2020!  1) Our Cassis Berry Shrubs, 2) our Ginger Ale Cocktail Syrup, and 3) our Old Fashioned Bitters


Judges Tasting Notes

Cassis Berry Shrub: 1-Star

Cassis Berry Shrub - Great Taste Award Winner

"A surprising dark maroon red, this drink doesn't look like apple cider vinegar and even after dilution it maintains a deep rouge. The undiluted taste is rather harsh but has a really pleasant sweetness and distinct apple flavour making it in fact far more enjoyable than expected. The diluted version loses this sweetness and much of the apple flavour but is far less intense and really very refreshing. You do feel very healthy after a glass of this and it's a really exciting development in the health food industry."

"What a stunning appearance your apple cider vinegar drink has; the deep red purple colouration is so very attractive. The flavour profile is sweet, fruity and sharp and we can see this having many other applications other that just being a drink. The level of fruitiness and sweetness has been well balanced with the acidity of vinegar. It tastes fresh and wonderful, bravo."

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3/4oz Ginger Ale Syrup: 1-Star

Ginger Ale Syrup - Great Taste Award Winner

"A really amazing strong citrus ginger aroma and cloudy burnt sienna. The taste without dilution is sweet without being sickly, with a rich ginger flavour although without any unpleasant, painful heat. The diluted flavour is a also a triumph as it is not overly sweet as many non-alcoholic drinks are. The diluted drink is also not fiery but still has a distinct ginger flavour, which is far more refreshing."

"The aroma of your ginger cocktail syrup is truly wonderful; it holds promise of real ginger flavour ahead of tasting, with hints of sweetness and a true root ginger appeal. When mixed with sparkling water there is a reassuring warmth and in fact a good amount of heat from the ginger on the back of the palate. The sweetness level is just right and there is a hint of acidity or citrus that cleverly balances the flavours. We also love the fact that the ginger warmth continues to hug the taste buds long after the cocktail syrup has been tasted. We can see this product being used in multiple applications. We do feel, however, that the aroma delivered a tiny amount more in terms of promise than the actual taste, so we would like to see a little more depth of flavour for the palate."

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Dashfire Old Fashioned Bitters: 1-Star

Old Fashioned Bitters - Great Taste Award Winner

"Orange and clove notes mix pleasingly on the nose. When mixed with whisky, the woody notes of the bitters are enhanced as is the caramel/ vanilla complexity in the whisky. The bitters have a good impact on the whisky; we thought the product fits its purpose very well."

"Rich and complex on the nose, orange and clove dominating. There's a vanilla softness coming through on the palate, though with a woody, smokey, still clove-noted element dominant. Sampled with a youthful, appley whisky, it really comes into its own, adding smoke, woodsiness, and a lifted vanilla note - unsurprisingly, perhaps - but now with the clove nicely subdued, simply adding to the rich complexity of the experience. A sound, carefully crafted addition to a bartender's arsenal - good, too, for the home cocktail cabinet, though with some experimentation called for to mix that perfect Old Fashioned!"

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