Dashfire Bitters - Interview with Lee Egbert

We love bitters. Way back in Sept 20, I shared an article all about bitters, the history of them, how they're booming in popularity and how they can be used in food as well as drinks. If want to read that you can check it out here.

We stock a couple of ranges, Bitter Queens and Dashfire, two fantastic ranges that provide a whole rainbow of flavour for you to play with.

About four months ago I had a chat with Lee Egbert, founder of Dashfire and it was a real eye opener. He taught me a lot more about bitters than I had known before. Yes, four months may be a while ago, but I've just rewatched it and I still love it.

Yes, we have a youtube channel! We only have a couple of videos on there at the moment, but there are more coming, so do head here and subscribe so you don't miss anything.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about bitters, you can watch the chat for yourself in the link below. So fix yourself a drink, kick back and enjoy!


Everything is better with bitters!

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