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Vintage Orange Bitters



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And here we have something a little bit special. Dashfire Vintage Orange Bitters is Minnesota's first (and only) barrel-aged bitters. Fresh orange rind combines with quality bourbon and select spices, then the mix is aged in a Minnesota-made white oak barrels to incorporate the flavours and sugars of the oak. Perfect for classics like Old Fashioned's and Manhattans.

Orange bitters were a bar staple in the 1800s through 1920s Prohibition, but they were never quite able to rebound after the alcohol ban was lifted--that is, until the 21st-century cocktail renaissance when they experienced a resurgence in popularity. Now, this once-obscure bourbon bitters variety is again being produced by cocktail artisans intent on preserving the flavours of the past. This orange bitters recipe is one such example.

Made with real orange rind, quality bourbon, and select spices, these ideal-for-whisky bitters incorporate the distinct wooden flavours from unique barrel ageing. Their rich, bitter profile makes them a clear pairing for whisky, bourbon, and cognac cocktails, but experimentation is encouraged! 

PERFECT FOR: Whisky, Bourbon, Cognac, Gin. Cocktails such as Old Fashioned's, Manhattans, Bijou. Use as an ingredient in braising liquids and sauces.

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Orange bitterness married with vanilla bourbon cream and spice.

DIRECTIONS: Add a few drops to your drink. Use alone or mix and match the way a chef uses herbs and spices. 

HAND-CRAFTED: Handcrafted in small batches in St. Paul, Minnesota, Dashfire Bitters use natural, premium ingredients sourced from the owner's global travel. Each 100ml glass bottle is equipped with a full-length, dropper-style pipette for precise dispensing and bartender-friendly volumetric inventory control (1 dash = approximately 10 ml).

ABOUT DASHFIRE BITTERS: Made for creative cocktail and culinary minds. Straight to the point but also wildly complex, Dashfire adds their own element to a stand out product. Their bitters also blend well together, giving you an entire palette for full mastery of flavour. Dashfire’s mission is to create hand-crafted blends for everyone who appreciates quality cocktails, from professional bartenders to amateurs who enjoy experimenting at home with friends and family. They create unique products that immediately enhance your favourite cocktail, taking inspiration from classic cocktails of days gone by.

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Vintage Orange Bitters

Vintage Orange Bitters